* PREPREG Designed for Technology.
* It Works with Electronic Control System.
* It has a timer program.
* Konvansiyonel Pipe Heater
* It has only one door.
* There are 5 Vacuum connectors inside the oven.
* It contains 3 shelves and hangers.
* There is a water intake container on the side





Technical Data Descriptions
Product Code PO.5000
Dimension : W.D.H Out Side W.90—D.80—H.170 cm
Dimension : inside Heater Area W.80—D.65—H.120 cm
Power Supply 220 Volt 50 Hz
Power cord With CEE plug 3×25 A and CEE socket 3×25 Heating Pipe Type 10 pcs / 500 x : 6.000 Watt
Temparature Control Dijital Control 250 C Max. J Type Sensor
Process Completed Sound and red warning lamp
Type of planning and equipment Plastic melting oven / use shelf surface 0.25 teflon
Temperature Control Opto-electronic AIR-measuring unit, Measuring of Control the Material´s surface temperature! Digital Temparature Control Device ,K Type Sensor 0 – 250 C
Suitable Apparatus Vacuum CONNECTOR 5 PCS + Water Tank
Color Rall 7035 & 7045