* Newest Technology Used
* Easy Operation
* Deep Draw Processes.
* Infrared Temperature Control
* Upper Employee Gate.
* For Protes Orthosis Workshops
* Plastic Plate Melting
* It Works wit h Electronic Control
* Surface Temperature Measurement
* Movable table up, down, in





Technical Data Descriptions
Product Code IN.7000
Dimension : W.D.H Ohter : 1600 * D.1150 *1500 mm -- İnner : 1250 * 1000 * 500 mm Height : With Open Door 1850 mm
Roll-about tray Independent, 4 locking Casters lift adjustment - locks at any height, Single-hand
Material: Inside Stainless steel, Outside Painted Normal Sheet
Electrical V-HZ-KW 230-400 V/ 50-60 Hz/ 7,700 KW With Three Phasic Power Option
Active Elements 6 pcs Infrared-Quartz-tubes with reflector Dual zone switching
Heating area W 1100 x D 950 mm
To be used for: Heating theroplastic plastic materials (PP, PE, PU and equivalent) in a vacuum forming frame or on a sheet with Teflon lining
Temperature Control Opto-electronic AIR-measuring unit, Measuring of Control the Material´s surface temperature! Digital Temparature Control Device ,K Type Sensor 0 – 250 C
Material Cart Mobile with 4 locking casters Table Size : 1240 * 990 mm
Safety and usage information Updated Manual for safety and usages
Door mechanism Space saving vertical movement, gas shock (2x) Assisted, ball bearing guided, viewing window
Illumination Lamp 2 x 30 watts
Material Table Surface Teflon 0.25 mm
Process Completed Sound and red warning lamp
Spare parts with the product Blister-Forming – Teflon + Infrared Tubes 6 Pcs